Operational workforce planning and management

DCide allows you to manage your workforce, so that you and your team will get to the next level of work organization.

Przykład zastosowania DCide

What is DCide?

Currently, DCide is an application for managing the efficiency of operational activities. It consists of two main modules: for the employees and the manager.

With the application, the manager can easily and transparently manage resources, schedule team time, continuously monitor productivity and efficiency, and create or import reports.

The employees, on the other hand, can easily enter overtime details in the application, check their bonus and record their performance, both in real time and manually at the end of working hours.

DCide has a very well-developed module on the workforce management. This means that a precisely determined number of employees (quantitative) with corresponding qualifications (qualitative) must be available at the right time (time) and place (location).

Staff scheduling in DCide helps to increase production efficiency and improve effectiveness. The application also provides a highly accurate and fast way of delivering comprehensive and detailed information, e.g. about a specific process, customer, team or operation. The application can be easily integrated with other HR and accounting systems.


One system – many functionalities that can be easily integrated with other HR and accounting systems.

planowanie pracy
Planning of production steps/ work processes and working hours
monitorowanie efektywności pracy
Monitoring of employee efficiency
kontrola zasobow formy przedsiebiorstwa
Capacity management
jak kontrolowac prace pracownikow
Monitoring of work in real time
komputer - jak sprawdzic wnioski klientow
Monitoring of employee performance, customers, and order fulfilment
optymalizacja pracy kosztow produkcji
Optimization of work
Jak kontrolować czas pracy zdalnej pracowników?
Reports and analysis,
reporting on working hours, overtime and productivity
kontrola jakości
Quality control
Rozliczanie celów pracowników
Setting KPIs/annual targets
for employees and accounting for them

DCide Origin

The best ideas are born out of the need to find a solution to a particular problem.

This was the case more than 10 years ago when a young employee at CERI, company services for banks and financial, realized that he was tired of manually entering production data and forwarding it to customers in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. He was not a trained computer scientist but a mathematician, yet he was willing to develop a completely new IT solution outside of working hours.

The DCide system proved itself to the team and later to the entire company. And a talented colleague is still developing new versions of the program at CERI.

Improve management efficiency with DCide

Flexible pricing plans for various companies.

With DCide you can

sprawdzanie procesow zarzadzania
Record in one place all activities performed by operational staff
kierownik sprawdzający efektywnosc pracy pracowników
Management has quick access to information about the current efficiency and timeliness of tasks performed by employees
wykres statystyka tabela
Analyze quantitative data multidimensionally
Możliwość rejestrowania oraz analizowania zgłoszonych reklamacji
Record and analyze reported complaints

Proven solution

DCide is a program developed inside CERI International, a corporation that has been in the business services industry for over 20 years, providing a wide range of banking and financial services.

We deliver business services reliably and effectively, which is confirmed by our ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 22301 certificates.

dcide-widok komputera

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